Mabroum dates from Saudi Arabia

Mabroum dates are among the high-end dates. Long and fleshy, they have a copper red hue. Their flesh, thick and consistent, has a lighter color. It is smooth, slightly sticky, with soft and sweet, slightly chocolatey flavors. Its texture, similar to that of candies, will particularly appeal to children, for whom it can ideally replace the usual sweets!

With their very sweet taste, Mabroum dates are first choice products, which can be offered on special occasions. They are also very popular with the Chinese and Turkish populations, who come to stock up each year with this delicious variety.

Our Mabroum dates are grown in multiple oases stretching from the province of Medina to the northwest towards El Ula, in Saudi Arabia. They are picked when fully ripe, their flesh is bursting with nutritional benefits: these dates help to maintain regular transit and are an excellent source of energy , especially when consumed before physical exertion.



300 g

Mabroum 300g boite fermé
Mabroum 300g boite ouverte et fermé
Mabroum 300g boite de côté



500 g

Mabroum 500 de biais 2
Mabroum 500g à plat
Mabroum 500g de dos
Mabroum 500g boite ouverte
Mabroum 500g de côté
Mabroum nue
Mabroum coupé nue


How to choose it

The Mabroum date varies from burgundy to red. Its flesh is generous and thick, slightly sticky. It hardens quickly on contact with the cold and returns to its initial texture when it is at room temperature.

tasting idea

The Mabroum date can be appreciated on its own, because it is very nutritious. It can also be enjoyed inside a piece of brioche, but also combined with a glass of milk or fermented milk.


You can keep your Mabroum dates for several months in a dry place, in an airtight container if possible, away from drafts and light. Consumption is then made at room temperature.


Madinah Hijaz Ula

Madinah Hijaz