Tayiba, your privileged link with dates from Saudi Arabia

Discover the unique taste of dates from the Arabian deserts. Many palm groves, many varieties.
A source of vitality available all year round.

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Medjool 300g de côté
Khudry 500g de côté
Sukary 600g Tamr boite de côté
Safawi 300g boite de côté
Mabroum 500g de côté
Safawi 500g
Ajwa 1kg Tamr
Selection boite de travers
Ajwa fraiche 1kg de travers
Medjool 300g
Khudry 500g
Sukary 500g Tamr
Safawi 300g
Mabroum 500g
AJWA 500g Routab
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who are we

TAYIBA is a company based in the Rhône-Alpes region, which has forged a close relationship with the producer and local trader of dates from 'Arabia Atmarco since 2014. This family company cultivates more than 50,000 palm trees in the Qassim region of Arabia. The country is the third world producer of dates and offers a very wide choice of delicious varieties. Saudi dates are particularly nutritious and tasty. Their inimitable texture melts in your mouth. They are commonly referred to as the “jewels of the desert”.

TAYIBA offers you exceptional dates throughout the year, carefully selected from our partner Atmarco. First fresh, our products are packaged directly after harvest, in Arabia. Our catalog contains a range of varieties with different sizes and each with their own specificities. We select the most appreciated and famous dates for their taste qualities and their nutritional properties.

We market “routab” dates, i.e. moist dates, picked early from the tree and renowned for their inimitable taste and their melting texture. . You will also find at TAYIBA dates “tamr”, that is to say firm, picked when fully ripe. In addition to their delicious flavors, they are known for their nutritious benefits. They are used in many places around the world in an ancestral way to maintain good health.

Our dates are offered in various packaging, to meet the needs of all consumers, as well as the different formats of all current markets such as e-commerce, supermarkets, greengrocers, delicatessens, nutrition specialists, etc. Professionals , do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the many ways to integrate Saudi dates into your distribution network.

Are you an individual ? Do you have a question about our products? Looking for where to get them? Write to us to discover all the points of sale near from your place.