Our varieties of Saudi dates

Dates are comparable to coffee: there are multiple varieties, with different aromas, to suit all palates. TAYIBA has selected the best Saudi dates for you, selected directly with our local partner in Arabia.

Find in different packaging, our wide choice of fresh dates (routab), picked before ripening, and consumed in particular for their exceptional flavors. But also our whole range of firm dates (tamr), picked when ripe, and famous for their benefits on your health.

Our dates are available all year round and can accompany your meals, but also make excellent healthy snacks. They are ideally integrated into a healthy and natural diet.

How to choose the right variety of dates?

There are no varieties that are better than another. On the other hand, depending on your tastes and the desired use, it may be preferable to opt for certain dates.

Gourmet dates

If you want to make an original gift to your loved ones, opt for example for Mabroum dates: This high-end variety has a texture close to that of candy. We also recommend the dates Medjool Organic, often considered like the “queens” of all varieties, as well as the Ajwa dates, ancestrally famous.

If you want to use dates in the kitchen, for example to make an original spread or a date caramel, turn more to our Khudry dates, a variety also commonly used in chocolate and baking. The Sukary dates and Safawi, for their part, go very well with dried fruits or marzipan.

Dates, as allies of health

In general, all dates are known for their energetic properties. They are thus particularly appreciated by athletes, before or after intense effort, to quench and fortify the body. For this use, we particularly advise you to consume the varieties Barhi and Sukary. Conversely, before exercise, the varieties Mabroum or Khudry are recommended.

Rich in fiber, dates are also an excellent appetite suppressant as well as a valuable aid for transit. They can thus be integrated into a regime. This is particularly the case of the varieties Khudry, Medjool or Mabroum.

To break your fast, the Sukary Routab is essential, just like the Barhi Routab for connoisseurs. Finally, to accompany your breakfast, the essential Ajwa date is among the most famous. Its notoriety in preventive medicine is absolute from the Maghreb to the Machreq. We also offer it in the form of molasses, ideal to replace honey, industrial spreads or jam, using only natural sugar.

Need advice on how to choose the right dates from those we market? Do not hesitate to contact us.

our dattes



Pictogramme pour les Oligo-éléments

trace elements

Pictogramme antioxydants


Pictogramme pour les Glucides


Pictogramme pour les Protéines


Pictogrammes pour les Minéraux


Pictogramme pou le Calcium


Pictogramme pour le fer


pictogramme pour les fibres


Pictogramme pour les Acides Aminés

amino acids

Pictogramme pour les Vitamines

a set of vitamins

Pictogramme pour : sans sucres ajoutés

no added sugar

Pictogramme sans colorants

without dyes

Pictogramme Sans Conservateurs

without preservatives

Pictogramme sans OGM

without g.o.m.

Pictogramme : Convient aux Végétariens

suitable for vegetarians


TAMR grade dates harden when in contact with cold, and soften when in contact with heat at room temperature.

Store away from air and light.


ROUTAB category dates are moist, keep cool. ( 4/8°C ) Depending on the variety, the natural date sugar can come out in the form of juice and/or crystals.

This phenomenon is natural and varies according to the variety and the humidity of the date. These are not signs of alterations.

The Routab category may deteriorate on prolonged contact with heat, resulting in a smell of maceration or the appearance of mould.

FAQ – Dates

How many dates to eat per day?

As part of a balanced diet, you can eat around ten dates per day to benefit from their nutritional benefits.

How to store dates?

It all depends on the variety of dates. Fresh dates (rutab in Arabic) can be stored in a refrigerator-type refrigerator. Riper, drier dates (tamr in Arabic) can be stored at room temperature in an airtight container.

What to do with dates?

Dates can be eaten as a healthy snack, but also used in various preparations: pastries, smoothies, fruit salads... or as a natural sweetener.

Do dates cause constipation?

No, dates do not cause constipation. On the contrary, they are rich in fiber and help prevent or relieve constipation, especially when eaten with fruit.

What are the benefits of dates?

Dates are full of benefits. They are rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. They take care of your digestive health and give you energy.

Worms in dates: is it dangerous?

It can happen to find worms in dates. Called carob moths, they are not dangerous to health, even if their presence is rather undesirable.

How many calories in a date?

A medium-sized date (approximately 9 to 10 g) contains around twenty calories.

Are dates good for your health?

Yes, dates are considered “superfoods” when consumed in moderation. The numerous nutrients they contain contribute in various aspects to maintaining good health.

How do dates grow?

Dates grow on the date palm in a hot, dry climate. This tree can measure 15 to 30 meters and its fruits develop in clusters under its crown.

Is it good to eat dates every day?

Yes, eating dates every day is excellent for your health. Dates are indeed a source of a wide variety of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and rich in fiber.

How to store fresh dates?

To store fresh dates, place them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. They can be stored for several months while maintaining their freshness.

What are the best dates?

What tree do dates grow on?

Dates grow on the date palm, a tree in the Palmaceae family native to the desert regions of the Middle East and North Africa.

Should you wash dates?

Yes, just like grapes or other fruits that you eat, it is recommended to wash dates to remove any dust and dirt.

When to eat dates?

Dates can be eaten at any time of the day. “Tamr” (“dry”) dates are particularly appreciated for breakfast, before or after physical activity for an energy boost. “Routab” (wet) dates provide an even faster energy boost.

Are dates laxative?

Yes, thanks to their high fiber content, dates have a natural and mild laxative effect. They can help regulate intestinal transit when consumed in combination with fruits.

Can you freeze dates?

Yes, dates can be frozen, especially the Routab varieties. Freeze them in an airtight freezer bag to keep them for several months while preserving their quality. Let them thaw at room temperature.