Safawi dates from Saudi Arabia

Safawi dates have a dark, almost black color. They are among the varieties least sweet and rich in fiber, while being very tasty, with an aftertaste of maple syrup and toffee. They will seduce the finest palates. They are also a valuable health ally, as they facilitate transit.

These Saudi dates from the Medina region have an elongated shape and wrinkled skin. Their long, thin stone gives pride of place to a fleshy fruit. Pleasant on the palate, their texture is firm without being harsh. From the same region, they are often compared in taste to Ajwa dates . They are commonly cited for their richness in antioxidants and minerals.

Our Safawi dates are grown in the region of Medina, Arabia. They are harvested at full maturity then packaged and shipped after selection from the palm groves of our local partner. They come from the date palm of the same name, renowned for producing large quantities of dates throughout the year.



300 g



500 g


How to choose it

The color of a Safawi date is dark, ranging from burgundy to black. Its flesh is both firm, soft and fibrous. When exposed to cold, its flesh shrinks and hardens. It regains its initial texture when it is at room temperature.

tasting idea

The Safawi date can be eaten as is, at any time of the day. Because of its size, it is very often used to be garnished with dried fruit, oilseed butter or marzipan.


The Tamr Safawi date can be kept for several months at room temperature, protected from the air in an airtight container.