Dates Sabaka : dates that are not very sweet

The Sabaka date is a unique variety, little known to the general public, but appreciated in the Middle East, particularly by seniors, for its subtly sweet taste. Grown in the palm groves of Saudi Arabia, these niche dates are sought after for their sweetness and their nutritive value. They are rich in fiber, not very sweet, keep very well and for a very long time .

Small in size, Sabaka dates have a color ranging from golden brown to dark brown. To the touch, they are firm, but in the mouth they reveal a soft texture and a not very sweet flavor, with nuanced notes reminiscent of maple syrup and a touch of vanilla. Their low sugar content makes them an ideal option for those looking to limit their consumption of sugar while still enjoying a natural and tasty snack.



300 g


Comment la choisir

A good Sabaka date should be slightly firm to the touch, with a uniform color and without spots.

idée de dégustation

Sabaka dates are excellent when eaten naturally as a healthy snack. They can also be incorporated into mueslis or salads to add a subtle sweet touch.


Our Sabaka dates can be stored at room temperature, protected from air, in a jar. They keep like this for several months.