Khudry dates from Saudi Arabia

Little known in the West, the Khudry date is widely consumed throughout the Middle and Far East. This rich date with an oblong shape has a shiny color with dark brown tones. It has a characteristic skin, often unglued and wrinkled. Its firm, consistent and soft flesh deliciously coats the walls of the mouth. Despite its dry appearance, its texture is melting. Proof of its tasty taste, the Khudry date is commonly used in pastry and chocolate. It is indeed attributed notes of caramel and coffee. It is highly appreciated by fine palates and totally competes with the variety Medjool.

Very nutritious and energizing, it contains many health benefits, including those of fighting fatigue, strengthening the immune system, but also to help relieve digestive disorders. Khudry dates are also an excellent appetite suppressant and can therefore be consumed in case of cravings. TAYIBA offers you firm Khudry dates, picked when fully ripe, coming directly from the Nejd region, the cradle of modern Arabia. Like all of our dates, they are 100% natural, with no added sugar, no coloring and no preservatives.



300 g

Kudry 300g de face
Khudry 300g emballé
Khudry 300g de face et emballé
Khudry 300g de côté



500 g

Khudry 500g de biais 2
Khudry 500g à plat
Khudry 500g de dos
Khudry 500g boite ouverte
Khudry 500g de côté
Khudry Nue
Khudry coupé nue


How to choose it

The Khudry date is dark or light brown in color. Its flesh is thick and its skin is often peeling off. Quite fleshy, it is long and contains a very fine nucleus.

tasting idea

The Khudry date can be eaten as a snack, especially for athletes, accompanied by yogurt or cottage cheese. It goes very well with fermented milk. It can also be cooked, for example to make a spread without added sugar.


Our dry Khudry dates can be kept sheltered, in an airtight container if possible, for several months. The flesh of these dates shrinks naturally when in contact with the cold, which gives the impression of a hard date. Just leave them for a while at room temperature so that they regain their original softness.


El Nejd

El Nejd