Saudi Arabian date molasses

TAYIBA offers date molasses, 100% natural. Also called “date syrup” or “date honey”, it consists solely of pressed dates, without any addition, sugar or preservative, no coloring or additives. It is an excellent substitute for white sugar, but also a vegan alternative to honey.

Typical of Middle Eastern cuisine, our date molasses can be used to naturally sweeten your ice creams, sorbets, tiramisu, pancakes, yogurts and other desserts… It is ideal to replace jam or any industrial sugar. It is also possible to use it to enhance the marinades of your meat or fish.

We offer two different date molasses: molasses from dates Ajwa, consisting only of these delicious dates grown in the region of Medina, and molasses consisting of a mixture of dates.

mélasse AJWA


Quite simply, AJWA pressed dates without any additions for a useful and tasty contribution.


How to choose it

The date molasses has a syrupy texture and a more or less dark brown color.

tasting idea

Our date molasses can be used in pastries and in your sweet and savory marinades. They replace white sugar, honey or maple syrup in all your desserts.


The date molasses can be kept for several months at room temperature. In contact with cold, it can crystallize and form small pearls of natural sugar.