Tayiba your privileged link with the dates of the Arabian deserts

Many palm groves, many varieties of dates. A source of vitality all year round

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Pictogramme pour les Oligo-éléments


Pictogramme antioxydants


Pictogramme pour les Glucides


Pictogramme pour les Protéines


Pictogrammes pour les Minéraux


Pictogramme pou le Calcium


Pictogramme pour le fer


pictogramme pour les fibres


Pictogramme pour les Acides Aminés

Amino acids

Pictogramme pour les Vitamines

a set of vitamins

Pictogramme pour : sans sucres ajoutés

no added sugars

Pictogramme sans colorants

without dyes

Pictogramme Sans Conservateurs

without preservatives

Pictogramme sans OGM

without o.g.m

Pictogramme : Convient aux Végétariens

suitable for vegetarians


TAYIBA, a Lyon-based company importing dates exclusively from the Arabian Peninsula.

All the palm groves of the local partner, ATMARCO, account for more than fifty thousand palm trees in the Qassim region in Arabia. They produce a rich diversity of dates, its dimensions offer the quantities necessary for the professional sphere.

The packaging and trading unit is located in the heart of the production area. It intervenes not only from the harvest, but also throughout the year. This proximity allows TAYIBA to offer a direct link with the very origin of the product.

Thus traceability, various varieties, choice of qualities, continuity between the seasons, labeled products… are among the elements put forward by TAYIBA.

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